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Competition Bursary

We have a limited number of partially funded places available for our 2019/2020 competition team.
The DG Cheer Competition Bursary includes competition classes for the price of recreation classes, competition fees paid for and free hire of club uniform.
Have you been at DG Cheer since August 2017? Do you receive Free School Meals, Universal Credit, Income Support, ESA or have a household income below £20,999? Can you commit to 3 competitions in 2020?
If any of these apply to, you are eligible to apply for the DG Cheer Competition Bursary! Fill in the application below.
Do you receive any of the following benefits? (Check all that apply)
Have you taken part in any of the following at DG Cheer? (Check all that apply)

Please check the box if:

By signing below, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • The DG Cheer Competition Bursary is not transferable to any other athlete/young person nor can it be exchanged for monetary value.

  • The DG Cheer Competition Bursary is strictly funding for the 2019/2020 season and there is no guarantee that this funding will be made to the same athlete again.

  • The DG Cheer Competition Bursary covers competition fees for athletes only and therefore will not pay for spectator tickets or spectator travel. This will be up to individual families if necessary.

  • The DG Cheer Competition Bursary is only avaliable to those athletes wishing to do Competition Squad and not those looking to compete in Stunt Group and/or take Private Tumbling Lessons.

  • The DG Cheer Competition Bursary covers the hire of DG Cheer Club Uniform. However, there will be part/ full charge if the uniform is soil or damaged.

  • You commit to a full year of competition with DG Cheer or may be subject to having to repay some or all of The DG Cheer Competition Bursary back to the club.

  • The DG Cheer Committee’s decision is final.

Thanks for submitting a Competition Bursary Application!

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